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Theater Tuschinski

2002 Photo from the Tom Blackwell collection.
Pathé Cinemas
Renbrandts Plein
Amsterdam NL

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Record #1331  
 Opened: 1921
Capacity: 2302 seats
Architect(s): H.L. de Jong; Kees Doornenbal
Architectural Style(s):
National Register:
Current Organ: 4/10 Hybrid
 Also Known As:

Information for this tour was contributed by Paul Holterman.

When the theatre opened on October 28, 1921, it had the largest auditorium in the Netherlands, holding over 1200 seats. When it opened the theatre was equipped with a primitive air-conditioning system; large blocks of ice were placed in the ventilation shafts. The Wurlitzer/Strunk organ is currently being restored by the "Nederlandse Orgel Federatie" (the Dutch Organ Federation) and will be operational again for concerts later this year [2003].

Today, the Tuschinski Theatre houses 6 screens with a total of 1436 seats. After the renovation that took place between 2000 and 2002 the seating plan of the main auditorium was reduced to 740 seats to accommodate modern seats and provide more comfort for the audience. More seats are still present but never sold due to bad vision on the screen.

The original architect was H.L. de Jong and the theater was restored between 2000 and 2002 by Kees Doornenbal, architect. The original decorators were Pieter den Besten, Willem Kromhout and Jaap Gidding. The theater has the architectural styles of Jugendstil, Art Deco, and Amsterdam School. (As a matter of fact, some historians even talk about the 'Tuschinski style'.)

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February 2019 photos from the Scott Neff collection.

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March 2003 photos from the Ian Price collection.

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59 KB · 625x351

64 KB · 625x351
A view from the proj...

60 KB · 351x625
Soundrack at the Tus...

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Close up of the Cine...

70 KB · 625x351
The very clean booth...

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Loge boxes and curta...

41 KB · 625x351
The chandelier at th...

63 KB · 625x351
The Tuschinski has t...

September 2002 photos from the Tom Blackwell collection.

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2002 photos from the Amsterdam Monument Society - Ernest Annyas collection.

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2002 photos from the Paul Holterman collection.

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A view from the proj...


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